Test Automation

Test automation with Cucumber, Watir and Selenium

Test Automation

Test Automation works when you have a Test Automation Partner

spriteCloud offers test automation set-up, development, maintenance, trainings, workshops and even a platform to run and analyse your tests on.

With our unique approach and years of experience we use the right people and expertise at the right time. Below you find an infographic of our approach.

TA infographic

  1. Getting started: Are you thinking about Test Automation for your software development project but to dont know how to start?
  2. Orientation: An experienced TA Architect from spriteCloud has the knowledge and tools to help you to get a clear picture of the TA challenge and possibilities.
  3. Plan and scope: Together with the relevant stakeholders, the TA Architect delivers a plan for the test automation approach.
  4. Proof of concept: one of the spriteCloud TA Engineers automates the first test scenarios and within days a demo is given that presents the test suite including the test setup and complete test infrastructure.
  5. Automation: The spriteCloud TA Engineer completes the agreed scope and another demo is given at the end.
  6. Maintenance. The automated test scenarios are now in maintenance stage. spriteCloud can offer a very cost effective maintenance service.
  7. Training, workshops and handover: spriteCloud can give TA trainings and workshops to internal staff.
  8. Testsuite development: At any time the scope can be reduced or increased after which the planning phase starts.


spriteCloud Calliope. This platform can run Cucumber test suites in the cloud and provide clear and understandable results that you can share across the entire team.

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We have successfully used the test automation of spriteCloud for regression testing and monitoring of business critical functionality. Because of this we can detect a problem before a client does.

Coen Zwarts - Manager beheer at stichting Bibliotheek.nl

Using the test automation framework initially setup by spriteCloud we discover bugs earlier in our CI development process, resulting in a much more cost efficient and faster software release process.

Bernard Rutgrink - Manager software development - Geotax