Functional Testing

Functional testing by professionals

Functional Testing

Testing based on an analysis of the specification of the functionality of a component or system.

A core area of expertise, we handle functional testing for Digital Agencies and Full Service Internet Bureaux. And many more. These projects can range from short, fast, campaign-driven web sites to large-scale, multi-lingual, multi-functional corporate web sites.

spriteCloud’s Functional Testing strategy

  • Functional site testing
    Testing individual site functionality to ensure it works from a user perspective and/or works according to a functional specification.
  • Browser compatibility testing
    Testing the site in each browser/operating-system nominated to verify the visual presentation works in each configuration.
  • Device compatibility testing
    Testing the site in each device nominated to verify the visual presentation works in each configuration.
  • Link checking
    Tools-assisted manual testing.
  • Localisation testing
    Explicitly testing a website in two or more country locales. Default: One locale only, e.g. UK-English or process). “The activities and techniques for verifying and validating software that has been adapted to run specifically for a specific world geographical region”.
  • Front-end security testing
    Basic manual front-end penetration testing such as SQL and JavaScript injection.
  • Testing of responsive designs
    Testing a web site or web application on various devices and screen resolutions to see if the responsive design works as expected.
  • Advanced web accessibility testing
    Tools-assisted manual conformance testing to international standards. E.g. W3C WAI WCAG, USA Section 508, Dutch quality mark.
  • Plug-in testing
  • Share/social functionalities testing

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